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Hey everyone! i'm Ashley. I'm 17 and i love writting story's...even though i've been a dork about getting one up already. I have tons of story's that i could put up, i'm just being lazy and havent yet.

MY HOME PAGE IS REALLY COOL! ha ha. not really, its got some pics of my twin and i though! ha ha you should check it out...read my life story's.

I do like to review though, and i mostly like fantasy story's and romance! yeah so what else?

oh yeah i'm an identical twin (and let me tell you da'ling it is super fantasgreat) even though we have like 7 bedrooms in my house (and only 3 are used) erin and i continue to share one...its like a constant sleep over.

ha ha, erin and i are wierd. We are constantly talking to eachother...we live together...we work at the same place, and still we have things to talk about.

we spend so much time together that we can almost read eachothers minds. We always say the exact same stuff at the exact same time, yes we can feel when the other one gets hurt and yes we even finish eachothers sentences.

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