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If you're visiting my profile page, it probably means that you're a) interested in me/my works and wonder when I'll get a move on with my stories or b) you're bored and had nothing better to do apart from look through random profiles.

Either way, thanks for stopping by and reading my babies.

I hope you enjoy what is up for viewing.

p.s. if anybody is interested in being my beta, please pm me. i'm usually too lazy to look over my work once i've written it so getting a second opinion and someone to tell me what's crap and what's not would be awesome. =)

26/05/09 - Edited and made over version Chapter One of 'Fate's Fools' has been posted. The next chapter of Cold as Ice will be up soon. I haven't abandoned it yet. Same goes for the next chapter of Addiction. Please bear with me. =)

14/03/09 - Chapter Two of 'Addiction' has been posted

13/03/09 - Chapter Thirteen of 'Cold as Ice' has been posted

06/01/09 - Chapter One of 'Addiction' has been posted.

01/01/09 - Chapter Twelve of 'Cold as Ice' has been posted.

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