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as much as i'd like to pretend otherwise, i'm just a crazy little girl who says too much about herself in an attempt to find out who she really is.

k. twenty. Canada.

wants to know how she got here.
wants to know how to leave.

Currently Working On:

I'm kind of back for a bit! We'll see how long it lasts.

There will be little one shots and random poems posted every once in a while.


One Hundred Words for One Hundred Days - an exercise in focus and determination.

Sixteen Weeks of Being Sixteen - my second exercise in focus and determination.
(yes, i call it an "exercise in focus and determination" because it sounds funny.)

Unsent Letters - random letters for this stupid girl i kind of fell in love with once

Currently on Hiatus:

Pieces of My Heart - i finally went over it, but i'm not likely to update it anytime soon. it needs a LOT of work!

the story of kaitlyn's girl - novel in verse about a teenage girl with an ED she calls Kaitlyn. i can almost say with certainty that I won't be going back to this for a long time, if ever

A Study in Color: A collection of poems based on a color. I'd finished this collection, then lost it to computer ghosting. I'm attempting to rewrite it.

there's crows in the trees and they're singing for me
- "shoes watch", an horse


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