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Cloud van Dyk U.M.O.D
Joined Mar '01
Okay, everyone seems to do that, so I'll do it, too :-)
Full Name: Cloud van Dyk, Ultimate Master of Desaster (Did you really think I would tell you my *real* name? *grins*)
Age: 20 *cries* I don't wanna be 20...I'm not a teen anymore...Noooo... ;_;
Birthday: August 5th (Yeah, I tell you that so you can send me happy birthday mails *grins*)
Height: 170 cm
Weight: O_o I guess 56 kg or so...all muscle ;-D
Obsessions: My girlfriend (kisses to you, Love), Haruka+Michiru (who can tell? *lol*), my Playstation 2 (tm), Cigarettes
Fav Color: Blue
Fav Food: Italian
Fav Characters: Haruka Tenoh, Michiru Kaioh, Joe McLeod (check out Everlasting Love for Background), Miranda Hobbes (Sex and the City), Willow Rosenberg (Buffy), Aragorn (LOTR), Xena and Gabrielle (cuuuute!), Shane and Kaori Strife (check out Family At Last for BG)
Fav Music: Geri Halliwell, SHAKIRA!! *drool*
Fav Authors: Riva, Prince Mike, Illusions, Neptune
Fav Fics: "Stranger In The Night" (yeah, my own one! So there!), "Whenever, Wherever" by Enigma (*sends a kiss :)*), "The Fast And The Furious" by Riva and me :-)
Lover: A wonderful, beautiful, sexy, smart and intelligent woman who holds my heart. I love you, my One and Only! Ich liebe dich! :)

Oh, BTW...let's get one thing straight...I'm not *grins* People keep wondering about my sexual orientation, so: I'm gay.
Hey, shortened my profile. Why? *sob*
Born in Austria, living in Vienna. I am a HUGE fan of FF7! P.S: Cloti forever!!
What else to write? I dunno... ^_^ oh yeah, I'm also a Buffy-Fan, espescially a Willow/Tara and Willow/Buffy worshipper. Haruka and Michiru are also cool (Lesbian relationships FOREVER!!), and Xena rulez!!! I also love The Bouncer, especially Volt Krueger, and I'm a fan of X-Men *wolverine...* Mel Gibson is a cutie :-) and City Hunter totally rules. Kaori forever! *waves a 100t hammer with the name Kaori engraved on it*

This is getting scary. Being on the fav list of !!73!! people, I mean *shudders* *grins* Just kidding, I love all of you! :) In a platonic way, that is...except for my girlfriend, whom I love very much

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