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After much deliberation, I have decided to stop writing here on Fiction Press. It is not that I wish to stop writing completely, far from it. I'm going to move my works to a new website, where all forms of art are appreciated. I have recently been bothered by a ghost from my past, and I will not stand by while it escalates into something much worse than what it is now, a mere nusiance in my day. I have told this individual goodbye in my final piece(was going to make it a story, but I'm thinking this person is not worth my effort. If I decide to say goodbye more creatively, I will post it here, but that will be my last post.) If you would like to know where my stories are now, or if you'd like to talk to me outside of here, PM me. I'm not closing the account, as in removing all my stories that are already posted. I'm simply posting at another location. Until we meet again. ShadowFane Oh, and to my haters, FUCK OFF! There is a difference between insecure/crazy, and just plain pissed. Quit lookin in the mirror before you judge me. Peace out, FP!
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