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I had been a writer since I was 14. My first works destroyed because of the constant move my family had to endure and the crash our old computer had to go through when I was 15. My pieces served their purpose well, one to recreate emotions that were unacceptable within the family, causing calm and peace within my mind but throwing one into a complete state of depression and two to send out a message of love to a person who had inspired all of these pieces.

I am now 20 years old and my collection had dwindled to a select few... mostly because a part of this collection is made with fanfiction in mind, the rest are too personal to contribute... No one knew of this collection, they were mainly kept to myself for the better half of those five years but to one I shared them with no reservations, the same one who the message was for. It took us 4-5 years to acknowledge the messages but it was well worth the wait...

I had to bridge 8000 miles of land, sea and air to send that message and what better way than to send stories and poems, both subtle in delivery but effective if put correctly, not to mention it stands the test of time and it does not fade as easily. I lived 8000 miles away from my heart (for it is the right word to describe such obsession) hoping my messages reached the heart of a prisoned soul, the same soul who had stolen my heart years ago. Pain, sorrow and tears were constant companions on my quest to be heard by that soul and it took this long for me to see that my message got there safely and deciphered with much mastery that it was hilarious that it took this long. That I had the key all along...

My name had always been hidden in a lot of ways but my heart had shown me there was no more reason to hide. That my king has come and all I had to do was believe. My heart had reminded me day in and day out that my name is beautiful at its finest and that it suits me well. I am Kristabel, a believer of God, my King...

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