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Hi. I'm deelio livingston. If you want to know more about me, rather than reinventing the wheel all over the Internet I will refer you to my homepage link, which is my profile on MySpace.

Numbkiller is something of an experiment for me. I haven't added much yet, and its growth is likely to be glacial, particularly since I can't seem to attract a lot of interest on this site.

Ya-hah: A Tale is a rather silly tale, one which I don't expect will ever make any great waves intellectually, but for which I have a certain affection just the same.

The Lamley Files is a collection of vignettes, posted here both to get exposure and to preserve them. None of these have ever been written anywhere else; the only hard copies I have are the versions printed from here. Lamley Castle is a setting I use occasionally in the novel I'm attempting to write. The setting mostly provides comic relief from what is becoming a rather heavy, ambitious storyline. They aren't meant to make up a story; the order in which they appear is meaningless.

Off to see the lizard,

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