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July 10, 2016: It's been a long time since I've been on here. I recently had a craving for a very particular story in mind and I came on here again for it. I was surprised when I found it had been removed because it's been published. I was bowled over when I realized that the story was available on Amazon, and just flabbergasted when I discovered that the author had become -- sometime in the last five years or so -- a bestselling NYT writer! I always knew there were stories on this website that publishers would love to get their hands on and I'm so, so happy that this has worked out for so many people. I hope new writers will continue posting their original work and that the amazing, dedicated community of readers and writers I knew for so many years will continue to flourish.

Some point in August, I will go through Funny Little Dance and clean it up and scout for new works to add. If you have any recommendations, please send them my way!

That's about it. Have a nice day =)


(a note from me from five years ago): There are lots of stories I can't recommend through my Community because they aren't cited under the Romance Category although everything I read would be included in the genre. Please feel free to peruse my favorites to find gems that I can't otherwise bring to your attention. Examples would be "Family Lies" by Ms. Silverquill (I love Viola and Duke!!) and Wonderland's Void: The Return Call (which is the best example of fantasy writing I've read in a while simply because the writing is an extension of the world in which the story takes place) by LetoSai. Happy reading!

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