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I'm turning 16 in a couple days now.

Well, I have been inactive for 2 years... This stuff is lame and a waste of time. However, I figured it would be cool to try to retype an old story and see how much better my English is, now that I'm a Sophmore and all...I have a new idea on how to do this. I was rereading my story and was bored before I finished my first paragraph, however I figured theres just too much words! So I'm going to try something new, cut out all the words and sentances and write something straight forward and simple.

Well I highly doubt my English skills are any better since I just BS my english work... You know type up 30min essays, I've gotten real good at that now lol. 30 mins and I can type up a good 3 page essay and get a 80-90. That says alot about High Schools these days. Maybe if I type on this seriously, it'll look good on my college transcript? lol, that says something about society these days and the pressure on students...

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