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Hey. The name is Hishippo. I'm nearly 15 years old and 4 years old in demon years. Obviously, I like to write and this site is just nice enough to post my crap.


I finished it. The last chapters are on the new version though, sorry! Yep, I gave up and wrote them myself. Actually, I had a terrible plot bunny that wouldn't leave me alone.

FoxSpell (new version)

Yeah. I started to re-write the original, there aren't too many changes for the most part and there will probably be many more versions if the inspiration decides to smack me upside the head. But most of the changes don't show in the very beginning atleast. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated as well as comments (or emails if you aren't too sociable).

Sorry guys, but no "yes or no" as to whether or not there will be a sequel to FoxSpell. Even though it is being contemplated as of now. Have to finish the first one first of course. Special thanks goes out to my dearest friend (and sister/cousin figure) Koinumera whodutifully read my story and helped me find the mistakes. *hugs Koinumera*

Nothing else comming your way for the moment, but until then, later nights, have a good one.

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