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Hello there! I'm an 23 college student that loves to write and read. Drawing is in there somewhere while listening to music is of course in there. Without music, it would be quiet and that's just boring.

When I write stories, they always have humor in them because that's my nature. Rated G stories from me are rare - so rare that I have yet to write one, haha. Anyway, the stories I will write will mostly have humor, action, some drama, rarely any angst and romance. My characters range from good to when you want to hit them in the face. It all depends on the type of story I'm writing.

Speaking of writing, the main weakness of mine are not going too fast and not being detailed enough to other people. I try my very best. So, for those who may note one of those two problems, I know and I'm getting better. Don't be afraid to tell me a mistake I have in one of my stories since I tend to do that without even meaning too - or just plain lazy to research, heheh.

If you wish to chat with me, or get to know me, email me. I love meeting those who have the same interest as me so, don't be afraid ;D I won't bite.

I also have fanfiction which you can read here.

It'll be a while till I post a story. I dropped Looks are Deceiving.

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