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Name: Jaimie Gross (I'm just going to outright say it.)
Pen Name: Ezma Kusko (Purely fictitious name that has character to it.)

Age: 18
Gender: Female
Additional information: I like to write.
ABOUT ME: Anyone who wishes to email me can reach me at one of the following e-mail addresses:
end_of_tomorrow@, endie-girlie@ or endie-girlie@ Please do not send me advertisements or forwards or CRAP or SPAM and especially do not do so at the email. ONLY send me mail at the site if you cannot reach me at the hotmail account. Thanks for your cooperation!

I'm a girl who likes to be without judgement...

I'm a girl who likes to be without judgement
I'm recently graduated from High School
I'm happy when I'm with my self
I'm smiling when I'm with my friends
I'm a girl who likes to be without judgement

I'm a girl who swears when hurt
I'm frowning when I hear something I dislike
I'm furious when I see something disgusting
I'm sobbing when my grandpa dies
I'm a girl who likes to be without judgement

I'm sweet when you are sour
I'm sugar to your vinegar
I'm bitter when you hit
I'm sad when you're dead
I'm a girl who likes to be without judgement

About My Story:

Finding Common Grounds started out as a fanfiction on fanfiction.net but it really didn't have anything except for the names of the characters in common with the manga so I've changed things around and took out all relevance to the manga.

I'm already on Book Two, minus the fact that I need to work out the kinks in Book One's prologue. There are about 251,000 words in the story and I've placed a lot of work into it. I really like and enjoy writing this series of books becuse they're not your ordinary, average, every-day cliche type of story (even if I do say so myself). I've got twists and turns to the plots, enough to put a rollercoaster to shame! Which is, of course, awesome.

The story is about Claudia Kramlemitxz mostly( the "x" is silent), but also about how not everyone is as "perfect" as they might portray themselves to be. Claudia slowly is "finding common grounds" with many people who she originally thought to be mean or snobby and is realizing that they're just like her: confused and at times disoriented.

But unfortunately, as will happen, I have already changed a lot. So, I'm uploading FCG's first version, and the rewritten version as well.

: Finding Common Grounds
: Ezma Kusko
: Science Fiction & Horror
: “M” for Mature. Not suitable for children or teens below the age of 16 with possible strong but non-explicit adult themes, references to violence, and strong coarse language. Read at your discretion.
Start Date:
July 11, 2004
Publication Date:
Thursday, March 31, 2005

I hope this is informative for those who look here.

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