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Hey everyone =)

My name is Amanda-Lee

I'm awful at writing things about myself, but here goes:

I just turned 19, and I'm finally getting myself back on the writing track. I've only recently posted a new story; the very first thing I have written in about four years. I'm proud that I finally managed to type out something, and I'm hoping that I can stick with it. I need practise so I can get better, because I would very much like to publish a book one day!

I am a huuuuge hopeless romantic; Almost everything I read has to have some form of romance or another, or I just can't stand the story! Sometimes when I'm reading other people's work, I tend to get a little frustrated if I can't have the romance right away. It might come off as anger in reviews sometimes, but it isn't intended as offense. Take it as a compliment, that I like your stories and your characters enough to care if they get together at all!

I love originality; maybe I'm not so good at this myself, but I respect individuals who come up with totally different ideas.

I'm not so into the stories with lots of swearing and sex and drugs and whatnot. So mine probably will tend not to have those things in them.

But anyways, if you're reading my profile, I'm assuming you read one of my stories, and hopefully you reviewed! Thanks in advance! I greatly appreciate constructive criticism. =)

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