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Dreams of the Heart
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Hi! My name's Syeff (well my nickname anyways). I'm 17 and an inspired writer. At the moment I am writing two seperate stories and poetry/songs whenever I feel inspired to do so. I greatly apreciate reviews. I like to know what people truthfuly think of my work. I have rather a large plot for one of my stories and it will most likely be very long. So if you stick with me you can read it.

Please do not steal my work. But if you wish to use any of it feel free to ask me.

Hey. I've removed my poetry from this account. I will gradually post it on my new account 'Syeff's Heart'. Please R&R my poetry on my new account.

Hey. Sorry I've not updated for so long. 1st my laptop was disconected from the internet, then I was without internet for a month after i got my laptop working again. Now all of my work is on a hiatus at the minute because I'm eithernot inspired to write them or I'm busy working on new stories. I promise that as soon as i get another chapter finished i will update.

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