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I'll begin this by saying, that of you don't recognize this page, it's alright, because I'm constantly rewriting my bio as I transcend into a different stage of being, into a different state of mind. As my tastes change and evolve.

I'll give you a little example, once I thought I would always like one genre of music, then delved into the more underground scene, from that scene I discovered yet another that was much closer to heart than the one before... from there it got darker and darker... and I'm still stuck there, but basically the moral of this statement is I once used to be afraid of who I am today, because it's so starkly different. But the truth I've always been me, it just took a smooth transition to find that it's not all that different after all.

I am a writer, as well as an artist. I tried video productions, because I wanted something more than pictures to express certain emotions and messages I want the viewer to have. It unfortunately did not work out. I will give you a priceless gem of information about producing a film: DON'T even try to attempt anything halfway ambitious if you don't have devoted assistants and people that honestly want to help you out... don't depend on flimsy-minded schoolmates, because they do nothing but disappoint and disrespect.

So. Besides my unfortunate ventures into the world of film it does not diminish my dream, so I am going to study graphics and animation in college. I will still be involved with art graphic, and film animation, and it will enable me to finally visualize stories I want to see in a screen, instead of my head.

But fear me not, for I do acknowledge that the places and things you see when you read are infinitely more valuable and personal than any film you may ever see. But sometimes eye candy is a welcome distraction... and I am not talking about those horrendous reality television shows... blech.

UPDATE February 9th, 2010

I'm back! I have been working on a few things and revamping Cursed Pages. I cut a lot of it and it's almost unrecognizable now because I have added so much to the original story, but I hope you will like it.

I hope to rewrite this profile and make it more attractive ;)

In the meantime, please read, fav and review, and feel free to add me on myspace! I'd love to share critiques and feedback with fellow writers so please, do let me know what you think!

Looking forward to hearing (or reading, really!) What you have to say,

ohboypizza, aka Giulianna, aka Tohu Maskiaph, aka ghislaine, aka gkc, aka... I can't keep track of all these personalities!!

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