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'Ello, I'm Ty. I like... stuff. I have numerous interests, but Hey Arnold! and Ranma 1/2 are the only series I've been inspired to write fanfic for. Wait, scratch that, the only series I've POSTED fanfic for. I believe I wrote a Power Rangers fanfic when I was eleven, and I still have most of a Lunar the Silver Star fic I penned at fourteen. I keep it around to keep me humble.

I used to have a story called "the Worst Fanfic Ever" in the Hey Arnold section that was a Mary-sue AND a crossover (with DBZ, no less), but it was too bad even for ffn and they banned it, although they weren't kind enough to tell me what rule I violated, unless they went and made "general suckage" a violation. (Yeah, right.) So you won't be seeing any more of it, unless I sink low enough to post on fandomination dot net or, god forbid, update my ancient website in order to accomodate it.

As for Role Reversal, I've recently been getting back in to the HA! scene, so I MIGHT update it one of these days, chapter three is a quarter done at least and it's been on my hard drive for an aeon. Don't hold your breath, though.

As for Ranma, A New Recipe's sixth chapter is slightly more than half-way done. I was interrupted writing it due to a family crisis and have had trouble getting back into the swing of things. Fear not though, it's been on the back-burner but in no way discarded.

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