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I'm not sure if anyone will actually take the time to read this, but if you actually care to, then you should know that as a writer, I like to write horror.

Warning: I try to portray the most macabre thoughts that I can come up with. As such, my writing is not for everyone. If you like stories full of happiness and joy, then you should turn back now.

However, if reading about death and blood brings you happiness and joy, then please, do chech out my stories. Reviews are appreciated.

If anyone calls me dark and deranged in their reviews, they run the risk of being laughed at. But if they mean that in a good way, then they won't get laughed at.

If you review some of my stories, I will try to get around to reviewing some of your work. Sometimes it may take me a while. It depends on when I feel like reading. This profile makes me seem evil, yes?

Anyways, enjoy.

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