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The deadly voices tell you to stay. So be a good little kid and listen. Watch as the world crumbles beneath your feet because of your stupid mistakes. Watch as your vision impairs and blackness will be your only friend. Echoes will be your only company. And silence will be your only sanity.

N E W S:

1. 1. 06 -- Debut of Duplicity

I will update this profile... eventually.

W h a t ' s u p ?:


|Friendship was what she thought they had. Love was what she realizes. Mystery was the guy down the street.. Jealousy was finding out her evil sis and a sentimental cheerleader liking the same guy. Luck, what was that? Oh, & the guy is her bro's best friend. Go figure.

Her bro being one of the most popular in school,
overly overprotective. Her sister, overly jealous. Her new hot
neighbor, overly touchy. Then she falls hard.. but she's nothing but a
friend to him, or in this case.. just his best friend's sis...

Another person is going after him as well. A cheerleader. Catch? This
cheerleader is not your typical shallow bitch. Nathalie has enough
going on without the weird attention of her new neighbor. Her family isn't
any help. And it all starts with a simple gift.|

ch13 - 5 percent done 10/7/05


'Goodbye is never forever..' She drifted away from everything, deals w/
abuse & lives in grief. He was her best friend, moved away and came
back. He's also in love w/ her (shock, shock) & maybe she is too,
but too bad she's in denial... | (notice how i keep changing da
summary.. tee hee hee)

ch5 - 5 percent done 7/15/05

I will update this profile...eventually.

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