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Aemkea PM
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Hello everyone.

I have been a member on this site since 2005, and have not changed my profile at all very much since the beginning. So, I've completely revamped it.

First, I will tell you a little about me. I am 19, in college, and live in the United States and Germany. I love learning about languages and history. I love writing. My favorite possessions in the world mostly consist of books, so I envision my future filled with them. I hope to travel the world, having had a headstart in childhood.

Most stories I write never leave my laptop's deep, dark corners, and poetry is something that only comes to me sparingly. Whatever I feel is good though, I will put up.

I enjoy being critiqued on my work, so please point out my flaws, so I may better my writing. Also, I appreciate people telling me what I do right, so I know what to keep doing.

Thank you. Have a good day. :)

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