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Paige Marie Halliwell
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Umm... yeah... Well, most of my stuff is depressing, considering I tend to write when i'm depressed. My stories are fiction, my poems come straight from the heart. bottom line is, i don't take criticism well, so if you have something to say, then say it nicely and you won't get hurt. I'll redo this fricken profile thing when i'm not in a crying mood. I'm feeling rather depressed right now, so leave me alone, lol

Anyway... feel free to talk good about my crap, i don't like BAD reviews. Doesn't mean i don't like the good ones. ;) anyway... yeah... my stuff is mostly poetry, considering i like poetry less that fiction, but my stories never happened. Okay, when i'm depressed i babble. A lot of the kids at my school think i'm innocent. This is only cuz i'm a virgin. Oh, and one other thing. If you don't like how i talk on this profile thing a ma du, then DON'T read my stuff, cuz you won't like that either. I talk how i talk. You don't see me complaining about you fuckin your sister, so don't complain about how i talk. (Like i said, i'm in a bad mood, lmao)

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