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I have two accounts on fictionpress.com. Why? Simply because I created one by accident, so I guess I'll copy and paste my other profile onto here. Don't worry, I'm going to keep writing stories and poems on this account. It's older after all.


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~~Nyaron's profile~~

Name: Nyaron (duh?)

DOB: 11th May '92

Occuptation: Student/ trainee-artist

Star sign: Monkey/Taurus

Height: I'm touchy about that subject... (in other words, call me short, I hit you, hard.)

Weight: Not important enough for you to ask (I'm not THAT heavy!)

Favourite colours: Soft and calm colours like white and blue.

Favourite animal: Turtles

Likes: Peanut butter, anime, drawing, writing, video gaming, manga, shounen-ai/ yaoi, long sleeved shirts, Norse mythology and uh...sweet stuff?

Dislikes: Bitter things, Chinese medicine, arrogant/annoying people, flamers, homophobes.

Personal motto: I'm not a complete idiot, parts are missing!

Habbits: I tend to repeat myself a lot, say some very random things, think very bad thoughts when bored (snicker) and for some strange reason I add nyow/ nyaa to my sentences.

Other facts: I have a muse called P205 (aka P-kun) treat him nice and my stories (maybe art) will be sure to improve! Look below for some more info on him ne?

~~P-kun's mini profile~~

Name: P205

D.O.B: 24th Jan '07 (But looks eternally 12ish)

Height: Roughly 4 foot 2

Weight: 90 pounds

Appearence: Crazy, spikey silver hair that stop at the base of the neck and large silver eyes.

Favourite colours: Silver and dark shades of blue

Personality: Exceedingly blunt and frank and unfortunately for Nyaron, always the voice of reason. When not scolding the authoress/artist or pointing out the harsh truth, he is generally distant and callous, though he does mean well.

Likes: Artwork, cool stories/ fanfictions, nice people and Nyaron (though he never shows it).

Dislikes: Being called short, being made to wear girls clothes (hey, it happens a lot,) annoying people and bitter things.

Personal motto: You know, avoiding the truth isn't going to make it disappear.

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