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Hey my name is Charlotte. I am cool. Cause I'm just hardcore like that. Nope just kidding...

Or maybe I'm not. Cause I'm just cool like that.

Anyway, my favorite authors on fiction press are: Are Scars Remind Us, Citrus Scented

"I don't believe in fairytales anymore"

"She was beautiful, but she didn't mean a thing to me"

*One of the things that really bugs me is that everyone goes around singing Greenday lyrics like "american idiot" yet they have NO CLUE what they are saying. They don't get that its about how corporate america is running our lives and we are buying into all this shit. And so anyone who sings it and doesnt know what it means is just a hypocrite because they are trying to be cool by singing greenday. Really, how much of a dumbass can you be?

*Did you know that Brittany Spears once said "I get to go to a lot of over sea places... like Canada" What a moron. And I know I shouldn't be saying anything because everyone is entittled to do something really stupid in their life... but its Brittany Spears so I just have to.

"Sometimes I just feel so fucking alone..."

"You cut just to know that you are still alive"


"My summer was great, I completely screwed up my life, how was yours?"

"Charlotte, I don't want to be old. I want to go to parties and get drunk and I want to do it when I'm underage dammit!"

"I refuse to say that word." "Why? Say it Mary, just say the word" "No, and you can't make me" "Oh you only don't want to say the word SEXY because you know you are just about as SEXY as any goddam girl in the whole world" "Well... maybe you are right for once but I'm still not going to say it..."

"Well on the brightside I only tripped three times today."

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