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Thank you all for coming here. And thank you for reading my story. I would first like to say that, yes, I have written a story here before, and, ye, I did remove it form the eyes of humans for forever more (or until the real writer apoints a better editor than I). I want you to know that the A typical story I am producing here is with a well used steryotype; Elementals. Trust me, I searched it here, it was a great hit, four pages with it in the summary or the title, shocked me, but not so much later.

Moving on with my shock, you the reader are the only one who can judge this story on quality and merrits, and keep in mind that one thousand (I hope there aren't one thousand of these stories, that's alot to compete with.) stories can be about the same thing, but only one can really be worth reading, I hope I can be that one. And the name Elemental in my story was just a title, not really something that I would use to catigorize something common, and these girls are quite uncommon, as is their story, because it took six years and alot of arguments to rough out, and it is not completly done either.

Reviews are welcome, and constructive critisim is always liked, but just outright flames I will ignore, and probably delete.

unlike most of my other stories; EL will be written chapter by chapter post. Unlike my other stories where I had written out the whole story before hand and then posted. So the more insparation I get, the better for you readers who enjoy my story (though I will not claim it to be all mine either)

And to get it out of the way, I searched the name, I did not read a single damned Elemental story here, so no I did not steal anyone's ideas. And if you haven't come up with the story more than six years ago, it could be infered you copyed me, but I will not judge. So don't judge me, I hate theives.

Thank you for your time and enjoy!

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