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Welcome to Romance Readers Community i.e. R.R.C.

We are the moderators of this community and plus ardent readers on Fiction Press. This is the first community on Fiction Press and was started on
19th April 2005.

Objective: To encourage young writers and to promote quality fiction stories in all categories.

Current Activity: Short Story Contest based on an illustration. Visit our website for more details. Open to all.

The Winners are in! The best stories of 2004!

Romance/humor: Hello Kitty by Endless Dark
Romance/Action/Adventure: Intrigue by obsidian sorceress
Romance/Drama: Protector by aiur
Other: Fading Fortunes by Moz

Voting has now begun for the best story of 2005 and the nominees are:

If You Leave by puuuurfect angel
A Thing Called Love by Dominique
Equinox by Eire Rain
Forgotten Love by girl-next-2-u

In The Spotlight by Bridge Ann Wall
Boys Suck, They Do! Well Fine, Don't Believe Me! By Harvey the Pooka
Close Encounters, Inc by fazzingaway
Moving On by Esquirella

Woman’s World by svonnah-la-fay
Haunted by luv and Peace
Resistance by Hate to Hope

The Accolade by emilyclaire
Leave love bleeding in my hands by Isabelle8888
Aelyn's story by timpanigirl
La Cinq by Call me when you're rich

The Broken Road by Pandapotato
Against All Odds by Myrika
This Storm by Jazzy Kitty
Burning Paper Houses by SatisfyAnEmptyInside
Foothill High by Kelyn

To vote please visit the Readers Community Website . Links to all stories are on our favorites list.


Best Story of 2005

Voting has finally begun so like you voice be heard by voting!

Best Story of 2004

The Winners are in!

Short Story Writing Contest:

Short Story Contest 3 is now taking place. See the Readers Community Website for details!

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