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Hello, If your here, I guess you want to see a bio or a profile... Or you just want to read my stuff...okay read it!

Name: Alisha my middle name is Marie that's why I have the pen name Alisha Marie feel free to call me by either name.

Age: 17

Dob: Nov. 2 1988

Hair color: Is this even important?!!! Okay I am red head, it's true.

Eye color: Green.

Gender: Female...I know that's obivious.

Okay anything else about me...you should know about.

Do you think this is boring yet?

If so skip down and read my poetry.

If not keep reading this thing I call a bio...If I can called that.

Likes: To many to list...

Hates: Way to many to list...

Stuff I would love more reviews on...Queen of the dark. King of the Night. Will you shut up? I'll see you there. Do I know you? Leader of the ducks. These are my favorite poems that I have written I just love those poems so much.

Attention due too homework among other things I will putting alot of stuff on hold for awhile...this includes IM and my poetry...I willl be gone for the next three weeks I will put on one new poem...that will be it...I will review your stuff later...it may be months or more but I will get to it...okay? I am taking a small break from fictionpress by the time I come back I will make reviews and post more things...but it won't be for another three weeks okay? sorry any problems this may have caused...


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My poetry is basically anything that comes into my head...If they leave you thinking I did my job...If it has humor on it and it has made you laugh I did my job. If you liked it...I did my job. Reviews are great...CC is okay with me too.

Oh yes If you review me...I'll try to review you back...but it might take me awhile...

Okay when can I end this thing?

My email is

Or my YIM is...

You can reach me by either one.

Anything else to talk about...are you even reading this?

Okay Bye-bye.

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