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"Happiness depends upon ourselves."


"And since you know you cannot see yourself, so well as by reflection,I, your glass, will modestly discover to yourself, that of yourself wich you yet know not of."

William Shakespeare

My name is Christopher and I happen to be 18 years old and i live in canada's great capital and for all you americans it's Ottawa(and we don't live in ice domes thats a hell of a lot more north thenI am)...My insparation, although I have not posted anything remotly similar to his work, The great Will S.

My favorite play is Romeo and Juliet. ya ya I'm a guy who likes the romance tragity.

Anyway I'm gonna tell You all a little about myself.


-cookies and milk, relationships, fun, reading, writing, anime, manga, FF7-FF10, girls and boys(if you don't get it I'm bi-sexual), Hitler (for his genious not the killing of all the innocent people),malcom x(great movie), action movies(anything with jet li), romance, and finaly I love being alive...at leastI try to enjoy it.

I hate

-me, people who hate me for no reason, homophobes, Hitler-for being such a bastard, the way things have to be, biggots (who doesn't), cliques(those groups of people who exclude you because you don't meet their wonderful standards of looks), skinny people who hate fat people, beautiful people who think their really ugly, anerexia (probly spelled wrong but I think u get it), you'r reason for hating me(comm'on I'm lovable).

"Listen to me"

I've posted a few stories now and I think I really need to work on my writing skills. please give me tips and such on how I could improve. If you have a problem with the content you should have read the warnings.

Here's some more of my favorite quote's

"A wretched soul, bruised with adversity, We bid be quiet when we hear itcry; But were we burdened with like weight of pain, as much or more we should ourselves complain."

William Shakespeare

"I am not bound to please thee with my answers."

William Shakespeare

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