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Hiya! The name's Ember's Fire (And you being brilliant, I'm sure you already knew that..

MAY 4- "pla·gia·rism. Copying what someone else has written, or taking somebody else's idea and trying to pass it off as an original."

In other words: stealing, people.

I honestly don't see the point in it. If you love the story, the idea, the characters so much, why not simply read the story and give the credit to the one who, well, wrote it up and did the work? Watch the story progress, enjoy it - just don't take it.

Thanks to all those who've ever read/reviewed my stories, emailed me and so on. I really, really do appreciate it. Heck, that's why I came to this site; to get feedback. Hopefully before too long I'll have the guts to post again, without the fear of having my work copied. It simply makes me, (and anyone else here would agree, I'm sure) feel horrible. Everyone is creative, honestly, you don't have to imitate anyone else. Reading is just as great as writing, I promise.

And to all those who work on their own creativity, applause. Creativity is limitless. Stick your pens to the paper and write on.

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