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Hello people...Let's see, you all want to know about me? First off I'm 20 years old, a sophmore in college with an English Writing major. I've been writing since I was about six years old, writing my first novel (which wasn't very good) at 11 or so. I love writing and if I can, I want to make becoming a novelist my career. I'm completely in love with my boyfriend and he became my inspiration for What Makes the Heart Beat. My goal before turning 21 is to get one book published and see my name in print...if it's with self publishing or not it doesn't matter to me. I have over 400 books in my bookcases and am planning to get a whole lot more. I love tinkerbell and thats about it I believe...anything else you want to know, just PM me or something! Enjoy reading my stories!

Date: March 19

New Updates: I put up an author's note for In My Angel's Arms

Old News: I finished What Makes the Heart Beat! I finally finished it, yay for me! I know I have to update In My Angel's Arms and I'm going to try to get an update done this week. I have a few pending projects so don't worry. There will be a sequel for What Makes the Heart Beat so don't you worry about that, I won't leave it the way I have it now. And then there are other stories that I also want to start but I need time. Anyway I hope you like my story!

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