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hey, people out there!

brief introduction on us. this is a shared account. between eugene and me. i'm evelyn, by the way. so... you put eugene and evelyn, you get eugenevelyn and you see where our pen name comes from? it's my idea, as usual. everything good is my idea. *evil laugh* ok, joking, joking!

people call him gene. people call me evee. so genEvé is pronounced geen-nee-vee. something like that... yeah. so eugene's more the poem guy while i'm more of the prose girl.

ok, now onto me. yours truly is a fifteen-year-old female living in an ordinary, boring country don't get me wrong- i AM patriotic! it's just that.. y'know, it's a bit bland here, going to an ordinary, boringschool and altogether living an ordinary, boring life. i suppose you can say writing is my release? someday, i want to travel the world, live the high life- you get what i mean. but for now though, i have my writing and everything. i dabble a bit in art and music and dance, but am afraid i'm not too good at them. i'm kinda stuck in a rut now- having a pain-in-the-ass writer's block. ideas on how to get rid of it, anyone?

hmm... what else, what else? i love ice blue and apple-green =) you'll see that in my writings, my favourite characters all have ice-blue or apple-green eyes. what can i say? *shrugs* oh well. am still trying to heave my ass over that stupid writer's block, by the way. i can't think of anything! my mind's a blank. damn it.

oh well. read and enjoy =)

wahaha! now it's moi turn!

my dear evé has covered most of what i wanted to say...

i feel crazy. just as usual, unlike evé who only felt insane today. and guess why? cos it's her birthday tomorrow! yes yes. and i'd probablyplay a nice, cute little variation on the traditional birthday song, just for her. i'd suggest a piano solo (=

well i'm poem guy and she's prose girl. but i have something to say: i'm not the main writer. we are. you know why? it's because she was the one who introduced fictionpress to me, and she told me that she didn't dare to register as she felt really intimidated by some of the stories written here. so i thought that if i were to sign up with her, she wouldn't feel so alone and intimidated anymore! wahaha! so i suggested having this shared account, and well, she agreed.

well as for the comments, i'd like to say the same thing. "give nice reviews, k?" ahaha. i guess that's all folks. (=

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