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Pardon me for just a moment, and welcome.

my name is Kate, and i am, above all else, a writer.

other odd jobs include student, caretaker of my family, gourmet chef, music critic, and part time guitar student.

my guitar is a fender.

my pencil is blue

i love broadway musicals and old music. my favourite musical is CATS and my ultimate favourite band is the Beatles-- cliche, i know, but you cannot deny their fabulousness.

Save the Whales

STORIES, etc...

just a little info about what's goin' on with my work

Comrades: dropped for now

17 is Company Too: dropped until i have time to edit

the following is a list of my better works.
read these:

passion for pizza- an essay about my love affair with the greatest food ever created. called "perfect"
pied piper: my first poem ever. i like it a lot. my rhythm was great!
the earth and its passion: i dunno. its weird and im proud of it
a young, green shoot: a short i wrote for a class. i love this piece
dance, colour, light: poem won me first place in the language arts fest with two out of three perfece scores
yellow roses: i dont know why but i love this story. its rough. but i love it.

Reguarding Reviews: i have a firm policy in place. if you review me i will review you. I want to know your honest opinion. if you think its bad. tell me what was bad about it so that i can improve. if you thought something was good please tell me what you liked about it. also i can be contacted at the email above if you should wish to tell me anything about my work or if there is a specific story you want me to review. thank you very much and hae a marvelous day.

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