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Hey there! I'm Abi!


Mizu no Yoru: Oh boy... sorry guys, but I've really got to decide what the heck I'm doing with this, so I'm going to be busy developing the plot. Yeah, I have issues with stories. I never really know what I want to do with a fic until after I've already finished a few chapters. And I've discovered that I would like to change a whole lot of my original story. Thus, I'm not going to be updating for a while. Andwhen I do, it'll be from scratch, meaning I'll be erasing the story and starting over. Gomen!

Unwanted Duty: God, why did I even post this? Oh yeah, it's just something I had to do for my English class, and I had nothing better to do with it... so if you want, go ahead and read it, but I warn you; it aint great.

BTW, my FanFiction pen name is SitDog-Boy! If anyone wants to read my fan fiction stories, go right ahead!

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