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I've got a problem. I'm one of those people that says everything I know to all the people I care for, so when I find a good story here (slash always!) and I want to tell somebody how good it is, I can't. How do you explain to your friends and family what's had you obsessed for such a long time when you know they just won't get it?

"Why don't you spend some time AWAY from the computer, dear?"

"I CANNNNN'T!!! WMSmoker just updated and I need my Clyde fix! And I'm STILL waiting to see what's going to happen between Emory and Sy in Klutz Toxic Butterfly!!"

"What are those, honey?"

"You never talk to us anymore."

"You need help."

"Very possibly, yes."

"We still love you. We just don't understand you."

"Yep, I'm a mushroom person. Let's just leave it at that, okay?"

"Alright, dear. Have fun in the dark, hunched over your keyboard. It's not creepy at ALL!"

"Thanks, love you guys. Bye! I just got an update alert! Gotta go!"

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