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Hey guys thanks for checken out my Profile! i'm not quite sure what i'm supposed to do here so i guess i'll just say some stuff.

okay, i really like to write (Duh!) if you haven't noticed that by now then your a total dork. or stupid. either works. anyway, just started chapter fourty for my story Fire Stone and a lot happens between the chapters i've posted so far and there. i promise you'll love it. i haven't killed off any characters yet, but i'm thinking about it. i've added a few, thought. i hope that you like them. and about bus 29, i'm not sure that i'm going to go on with that one, it seems pretty boring and i've only gotten one review for it, so i don't know if i'd like to go any further with it, but then again. as my mother always says nothing is for sure...

anyway, e-mail me if you'd like to chat. or IM. maybe. if your not creepy.

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