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Name~ Lilly DeCross


Hair~Shoulder length Dark brown

Eyes~Grayish Hazel

I'm Bi, got a prob about it? Big whoop. I don't care. I'm here to write. You can read my stories but I will tell you some of them might have people like me in them.

I'll be posting my email in my stories if you have any questions about them or anything.

Ok, I am re-wriing a lot of my stories and taking down my poems for a poem only acct. I am trying to improve my writing and hated how plain and boring my old stories were so I took them down and am starting them over -not quite from scratch.- I really like what I've got and some of my new stories too so I will soon be posting my new stories up with my old stories and I hope you all enjoy them

Stories status report~

Moment of Weakness~ This is my current project and I am working on the second chapter.

Kids can't see color~I took it down and am working on re-writing it. I will be working on it very soon. Sorry about this if you were waiting on it.

Life's Not as Hard as it Seems, But it's Not Easy~This is also one I will be re-writing.

Fading lives: Karachi ~ THat's right I'm reposting this one. I want to make it more believable and I also just hated the whole idea of it and wanted to start over.


Moment of Weakness~ Jen is the best thief of her time. She has never ben caught and has always gotten what she said was going to steal. As a nineteen-year-old girl, though, she wants to settle down and find love; after she steals one last thing. The Crown Prince has a treasure, lovingly called "The Pearl" an Jen is set on stealing it before she drops out the business of thieving. What happens when the date she sets to steal The Pearl is the start of her moment of weakness?

Kids can't see color~ Four kids, Keimei, Roze, Darin and Bonta', are all from different races and have been told their whole life that no other races exsited. These four meet and Fate plays a part so they become friends and try to change a world that was set wrong with their friendship and love for each other -and their new found way of life-. (Status~ I'm working on the second chapter. Should be posted up soon.)

Life's not as hard as it seems, but it's not easy~ Kaji is a 14-year-old girl who just started High school. Throw in the fact that she's a fox girl and a total outcast and you've got one hell of a freshmen on your hands. Watch as she helps her friends, tries to find her self, falls in love and make a total fool out of herself in front of everyone. (Status: Working on first chapter. Will be up asap.)

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