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My name is Alyssa, but many people say my name doesn't match my face... or my personality, IMO. I am a first year, eighteen year old college student living in the USA. I read like I breathe, and I write once in the rare times that the inspiration hits.

Story Status:

Forbidden Fate: Chapter 1-41 edited; Chapters 25/79 posted
Her Wish: Chapters 40/41 posted

12/14/09: Uh wow, wtf. I just found out that someone posted my story online without my permission. Please ask them to remove it: here

Forbidden Fate:

Posters: Poster1 Characters1 Banner (thx Xuan) Poster2 (thx Chelsea) Poster3 Poster4 Poster5 (thx Pachia) Poster6 (thx Tanya) Poster7 (thx Jenny) Poster8 (thx Julie)

Songs: B2K (Ch12) F2TS (Ch12)

Her Wish: (Nominated for Full-Length Fiction of the Year at Soompi)

Posters: Poster1 (thx Jenny) Characters1 Characters2 Poster2 Poster3 Poster4

Songs: Cascada (Ch19) Tim (Ch26) Yamashita Kousuke (Ch35) Jaejoong (Ch36)

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