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22, Michigan, comfortably confused.

Tumblr. (There are lots boobs and drugs and not many dicks on there, just to spare you from disappointment.)


Poetry blog.

(If you follow me on any of those, let me know that you're from FP and I'll give you a follow back.)

Because a lot of people have been asking: Yes, a majority of my old stories have been taken down. I wrote most of that stuff between the time that I was 14 and 16. I'm 22 now. What I know I can do as a writer (both on FP and in the real world) has changed over the past 8 years. That old work isn't how I want to represent myself anymore. While I'm super happy to know that so many people liked Smells Like Teen Spirit and the other fics that are down, I just know that it was time for me to let that old stuff go. However, I'm plugging away at some new stuff, so maybe you guys will like that stuff too. :)

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