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What do you say about an over-achieving, lives-in-a-theater, crazy busy, hyperdrive student/singer/actress/reader/writer? Just that.

I love to read, and to write. So i'm giving this a shot. I would love feedback.

Also, i beta for two people right now, and am completely willing to add on one or two more. I'm speedy too, so if you need it, drop me a message :-)


Are coming soon. I have two that i want to post once i have a bit more of them written so i can post more regularly. Their titles are Miss Disaster and Some Call It Dating (Others Call It Torture). In MD, we meet Clara a senior with great friends, a job, a social life, and horrible balence. In SCID, we meet Rachael, a girl with more guys than she knows what to do with, and a need to find a date by Friday.

I have a few other ideas that i may post over time, if some interest is shown. We'll see.

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