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All the works I've posted here are written and © (copyrighted) by me, McQuinn. These works are never to be printed, copied, distributed and/or sold for any purpose whatever. If you steal any of my crap, my virtual foot will ram so far up your virtual ass, you'll be reduced to a sobbing, blubbering fool when I get done with you. I have the legal will and legal way to sue your pathetic virtual ass. When I catch you, I will have my way with you. You do not want to screw with me. I'll be watching (FPWatchers).

Oh. Yeah. I can't stand dumbasses. Don't read my shit if you're one of those.

Stories that have mentally unstable characters who love to verbally spar with each other are of the awesome.

There's not enough transgressive fiction on this site. That royally sucks butt.

In recent news...

01/07/11--A Note To Readers and Reviewers:

As some of you may know, for a while now I've been writing things I haven't been willing to post on FP. Some of these stories are just too explicit, some deal with gruesome concepts and details, and others are just non-romance--an area of writing I feel has been neglected on FP due to the site's age demographic.

For the sake of my younger readers and my sanity, I can't and will not post those stories on FP. If I did, the stories would probably be reported. And even if they weren't, they'd probably receive no feedback. And if there's no feedback, what's the point of posting here?

About a week ago, an offer arose from Plagiarism Haven that I could not pass up. It's kind of bittersweet to let you all know that I have accepted this offer and have removed my stories from FP, with little chance of posting here again.

It's "bitter" for me because FP has been my online playground for eight years--from middle school, through high school and college, all the way to my second year of law school. I'll miss all of you who have taken the time to read my work. I am eternally grateful for every comment you've given me--praise, constructive criticism, pleadings for updates. I'm thankful for anything and everything you've contributed to encourage me to become a better writer. I absolutely love (LOVE) you guys to death for that.

It's "sweet" because, with the chance to post in a private community, I know that my work will be more protected from plagiarism (a growing concern of mine). I also know that I'll have a greater opportunity than I ever had on FP to grow as a writer--to improve my writing, obtain feedback from fellow authors, and forge a closer relationship to potential readers.

I'll update this profile periodically to let you know if anything exciting happens in the coming years. But until then, I want to thank you all, again, for your support and encouragement.


P.S. If you would like to continue to read my work at Plagiarism Haven, create a Livejournal account, read and follow the community's rules and membership requirements to a T, and apply to join. Please be advised, however, that the process takes time and not everyone gets accepted, especially if you've been a silent reader.

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