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"Welcome to the Garbagerie..."

This would be my profile, which you've undoubtedly clicked on by mistake. I apologize in advance, because now I'm going to subject you to a short bio of my rather boring life. I live in Pennsylvania, and for a lot of my life, I've lived in between the nice and the not-so-nice parts. I've only recently come to the 'burbs. But, hey, can't complain.

My work is either ancient poetry (I haven't written a decent poem in about a year) or slash-fiction. That's, just to clarify, boyxboy with lots of 'yum'. My older work isn't really all that great (neither is my newer work, come to think of it), but I'm pretty decent at editing, so at least you won't find any glaring grammatical errors (unless I'm really off-par).

Note to Readers:

Seriously, if you haven't noticed, almost every writer on this site lives for their reviews. I am no exception. Apparently there's no such thing as review addiction, but I'm living evidence of the contrary. I wait for critique like a junkie in a back-alley. Yeah, slimy imagery there. Unless, of course, you like alleys. Then maybe we can work something out.

Note to Fans (I have those?!) :

You absolutely rock. How do I get these needless stories out there without you?

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