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Wow. Been a while 'since I've been here.

...well. I'm gonna shake things up a little. I'm Jess. I'm good with grammar. Send me stuff, and I'll edit it.xD It's what I want to do.

Anyways! I am an avid reader. I enjoy books with humor. I like Terry Pratchett and Louis McMaster Bujold (specifically, Miles. The only fantasy character I wish I could date), and I like fantasy a lot. Not too into writing it right now, though. I won Nanowrimo, and I have a weird sense of humor!xD Aand...that's it. Enjoy some stories!


Malcom: When fantasy writer Ian Keller is invited to interview notorious killer and hijacker Malcom Black, he doesn't know what to expect. And he certainly didn't know that Malcom would turn this timid writer's world upside down.

An Ode to Bush: My reflections on the end of an era.

To you: Written for a friend.

Cohen's Conspiracy: When Cornelius Connor Cohen, a lowly computer tech, loses his younger siblings in a car accident, he becomes obsessed with the idea that they were killed on purpose. Alienating his friends and his ex-girlfriend (the head of the special investigations department), he moves through conspiracy theory to conspiracy theory until, at last, he stumbles over something real: vampires. Only one problem: these guys don't sparkle, and they're not too thrilled with some blind engineer stumbling upon their business. Will C be able to survive long enough to find out what really happened to the twins?

Child of the Sword: Meet Alyssa; The only known female mercenary. She's cold, hard...and currently a prisoner in an enemy camp. She only has one ally; a mysterious healer who knows everything about her. Now she has to escape, using only her sword, and the power of trust. (DISCONTINUED, but once Malcom is done, may be rewritten)

Lady of the Harp: Julia has been dead for years, and James has just become a legendary figure. When she appears in a tavern, he doesn't know what to think. Will he stand against the king's cruelty, or will he vanish yet again? Written a loooonnngg time ago.

Stone Lord: Henuki Seregon is many things. He is a scholar, a linguist, a warrior, a blacksmith, a drunkard, and an honorable man. He is friend to few, but is known by all. How did he end up this way? You'll have to read to find out! Written for a friend--character has role in Malcom as well.

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