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Hey all

Right, ok, not much to really say. I've decided to move on from fanfiction at try my hand at writing an original work. I've never tried this before and hope it will be something that people enjoy reading. Writing in fanfiction is definitely easier because you write about something people already like, this however is a totally new ball game. One has to attempt at establishing oneself out of promiscuity in an attempt to stand out from the many other already established authors on this site. I'll give this my best shot as I have a passion about writing and would like to one day maybe even get something published. But I'm getting ahead of myself. Thanks to all those that supported and continue to support me at fanfiction.net! Apologies for slow updating in some of my longer stories, time seems to be a luxury that continually eludes me as I'm sure many would concur with.


I can't actually recall when last I have updated me profile on this site. My writing is kind of on a super go slow as I just don't seem to find the right time to write. When I have to I feel very uninspired and tired. When I don't have time I tend to have all kinds of inspiration and often get so caught up in life's events that I forget everything. I've never been a person to write down my thoughts on paper (I didn't even write drafts for essays at school or uni :P) and continue not to do so. Oh well, it is my own fault. I am going to try and find ways to complete some of my stories. Top of the list will be the second book in my "Truth is Stranger than Fiction" stories. I believe that the second book will be the last one. I had originally planned on writing out three books for it, but, well, life happens '-_-

I hope that any who read this are found well and encourage all to read and review the works of writers on this site. It means a lot to them.


Wow, time flies! I just came in to check on how things are in the world of 'writing' and am glad to see that so many people are still so active. Never give up and keep sharing your ideas!


Lost in A World of Pain

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