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I'm nothing fancy, I'm just a guy that writes here and there.

Thirty-six years old, married (17 years), four kids (3 girls, 17, 15 and 9; one boy 11), one minivan ('97 Dodge Caravan), two cats (Loki and Isis), and a beagle named Pan. Yep, that about sums it up.

A brief rundown of what I've posted:

My views on writing

Don't read this, it's a waste of your valuable and precious time. I wrote it back in '92 as something a friend wanted from me to add to his quote book. I was young, arrogant, and very meandering mentally, and it really shows here.

The whole reason it's here is because I needed something to test the waters here with, and this happened to be handy.

Who's to blame and Want

These two poems were following the break-up with whom I thought was the love of my life when I was a teen. Looking back, the voice of the 16 year old that wrote them still seems to represent the timeless emotion of loss.

The One Kiss series

First Kiss, My Mistake, The Date and Pretty in Pink

These four (so far) pieces of romantic fiction are sweet little stories leading up to a kiss at the end. They are all loosely borrowed from life experiences, with the exception of my favorite, The Date which is quite close to reality. The lady in that story now shares my name. The favorite of these from those that have read them all seems to be Pretty in Pink.

As the name I've given the series also implies, these are meant to be one shots. However, due to the growing number of requests to add to each tale, there may be second chapters added to each in the future.

Update 1-12-09

Second chapter posted for My Mistake called Grabbing a Shovel. Same folks, down the road a bit, in a separate entry. This one does not follow the 'One Kiss' formula, and will be more than just the one chapter.

Update 5-10-09

Someone commented in Pretty in Pink that they hadn't really been endeared to Paula yet, and I just couldn't imagine that since she was so much fun to write there. So, coming soon: HERStory! Should be sometime this week.

Update 12-30-09

Second chapter for Grabbing a Shovel is in the beta process. Not quite making the deadline to officially call it the new years resolution fixed and such, (the idea was three stories with at least six thousand words total), but it's posted here as of 12/30, just not where everyone can read it yet. But it's coming folks. It's coming.

The Bard's Tale

This piece of fantasy fiction is based on a character that came to life for me at age 15. He's gone away and come back several times over the years, and a friend of mine asked if I would ever write him his full due story. So, I started a couple years back, and now I've got ideas pushed out to a huge degree. Book one, which is nearly complete, tells the circumstances of his birth and eventually some of his youth. There will be much more to his story down the line.

But, enough about that, go read them! And be sure to leave me a review. If what you've read is bad, I want to know it, so that I can find ways to improve your reading experience (except My Views, you've been warned about that one).

I've found a great place here on ficpress for underexposed and underappreciated authors. It's called the Roadhouse, and you can find it here:


Good bunch of folks, guaranteed reviews, and best of all, a full open bar.

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