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I'm here (hahahahahahhahaha, this was a while ago...a loooong while ago). Not quite but somewhat anyway. I wasn't trying to be funny by the way so you needn't laugh. I'm in a devilish fix as it is and i'm not quite sure how to get myself out of it. Yes, i am done with applications and the lot. Well the essays and other such things. Nehow, about these stories...

First of all i have to come up with some sort of schedule. Like typing one story each day or something. Of Jack and Tany. My newest...well i do have plans for this one that you might not exactly like but then who really cares right. Certainly not me. Now there i was being funny. You laughed right? No? Tough crowd. Well nehow, since i do care about my readers and love all the input i will proceed as planned. Or rather as not planned. Either way, the story will be updated forthwith. (I believe.) In any case the others will proceed at a moderate pace. Vicky's which i rather liked shall turn into quite the tangle, but then we all love tangles. George. Hmmm...i'm getting some rather disgruntled input on that. It seems to me to be becoming quite well...there's no other word for it but...common! Everyday! Mundane! Goodness, you must know what i mean. And no i must refuse the handkerchief. A person must weep with dignity. But not for long. (I didn't really cry though. Never fear that i am some weakling.) Nehoot, because i believe the story is becoming...well you know what...it will take a most surprising turn. I just have to figure out what that turn is. (I jest. Maybe. _) This problem is causing me some discomfort in th 'seating part' but i feel capable of dealing with it. Shortly, shortly. Now for Violet's. Well...what can you do. The romance section seems quite prolific these days (No offense meant of course. It is merely that those of us who are unable to update in due haste often lose their work to the masses.) yet i am determined to leave it there. My writing cannot stay cosseted in the Historicals. They must spread their wings and fly into the more broader genres. Or something like that. In any case i think it will help if i thought i had to update nearly everyday. T'would be good practice for later years when i'm scribbling before a surgery. Hehehe. Right i don't think there's any thing else. By the way my name is Starox. Well there is an Anastasia in there somewhere but not many know about it. I am soon to become very old. I will reach the advanced age of eighteen late this year (2007). Yes, yes, your condolences are much appreciated.

Well nehow, that will be all for now. You may contact me of course with any questions.

Yours most honorably,


Cheers! And other indoor sports. Lol. Ne1 who read Sally J. Freedman will know where that came from. I know i'm not the only one who read Judy Blume as a kid. _

04/03/07: Ok now i've updated on one of my stories and have added a new one to the bunch. Now "The Duke of March" is based on something that actually happened to me. My life is so much fun. lol. Nehoot, yeah...i also think March is what Blood of an Englishman wanted to be but wasn't. I must thank Georgette Heyer for her superior writing style which i feel has vastly improved mine...i hope. grin. And i may or may not update on it; it was supposed to be a one shot cause it was right after a 'moment' but now that i see the similarities between it and Blood i think i'll work with that. I already know what will happen so that shouldn't be a problem. It's just my sad laziness...tehehe.

And thank you everyone for your reviews, they all make my day and it's much easier to update when there are like gazzillion ppl (in hope lol) telling you to do it. _ Thank you all so much!! You're the awesomest bestest troopingest crew there ever was. Cheers loves!!

Ever your obedient (cough, cough hehehe)


06/09/07: Schools nearly over!! Summer!! Woooohoooo!! Ok so i will update soon 'grin.' Thank you all again for all your reviews!! Love you so much! Muah! Beijos!! Ok now on to the stories. I'm thinking Marriage might be updated first. Either that or the Duke of March. Then Foolish Love, James and Victoria!! (my friends are bugging me for a shag between these two...will have to wait :D) Jackie and Garvais!! and...when i look down i'll figure it out. Ok so i'm also thinking of doing a fanfic of James Bond (hottest spy in the universe: I love you James!!) but that'll have to wait. I might just have my own spy...hmmmm...ok and a story about acceptance and all what not. I will either post a "Beauty and the Beast" story or a "protect the beast story." If this doesn't make sense then you're perfectly normal...if it does...you have very good cognitive powers. Nehow...

I'm thinking since I have lot of favorite authors, i wont list those but will instead have my fav and least fav for the week up:D

Right now, i'm hating this authors work : Linda Berdoll

She has ruined P&P for the sane members of the population with her grating writing. For Shame Berdoll, for shame. :(

Hall of Fame: Georgette Heyer

Her quick wit and understanding of human character has not only garnered many fans but has a made her the celebrated "second Austen." Her skill is applauded and i urge all to read "Bath Tangle" and other works. But "Bath Tangle" first.

07/21/07: Harry Potter's out!! Yay!! Don't know whether to scream or jump for joy or cry. Ok then, on to less important things. I will be updating...tomorrow...I promise. No crossing fingers or anything, this is a legitimate promise. :D I won't say which ones will get updated but I might surprise you. lol. I think. Well lets just say Marriage will be in there since I just realized I haven't updated in 3 months...oops...i'll try harder (another legitimate promise) and i will become the bestest updater on fp (not so legitimate promise).

08/27/07: In College!! Yay!! Ok, due to...ummmm...college, i might not update in a while...well basically nothing will really change. lol. ok, i don't really mean that (sadly, i probably do) and i will try really hard to get updates in as soon as possible. =) Yay! ok, that's pretty much it. Btw, college is extremely awesome and everyone should try it. I'm serious. Go to college. Learn a few things. Party hard, work harder!

Now i say goodbye, good luck and goodnight. (once again)


Starox. =)


I have a theory about writing I'd like to share: The very first thing you write, the very, very, first, is going to be like the most amazing shit ever; it will be freakin magic, glorious, one-hit-wonder freakin script. So hold on to that first one. Hold on tight to it and never, NEVER, let go or you'll lose it and the next thing you write is going to be shit. Not "The shit" but just plain fugly nasty smelling shit and you'll cringe about it in the future.

But wait, I'm not done; after this assualt to the art of writing, you'll get better. You'll just start getting good; you'll be able to pour out fountains of the most beautiful words unto paper and you'll love it. You'll get so good, you'll start thinking you're the shit. And you will be; YOU WILL BE FUCKING AWESOME.

But wait, I'm still not done. The catch is, you can never go back. You can't suck anymore; you HAVE to be great. And it's not as easy as it sounds cause after a while, you'll realize your sudden brilliance wasn't some new found gift. That it was the result of years or hours of effort and time and you'll realize that you didn't just become good but you made yourself good and it was damn hard. So now whenever you want to write something, anything, you can't just write, you have to write well. And that is why, every really good author, has only a few of books out (we'll assume no publisher was shameless enough to publish the first few atrocious ones). The prolific never really leave that second stage right after the stroke of brilliance and so there's always something lacking in their work; everything could have been better. But they can't devote that much energy to each work if there are to be so many. So we love them all the same because everyone NEEDS that time filler.

And finally, I would like to say that that stroke of brilliance, that one fantastic piece you first write, that masterful work of art, that, that is the reason you NEVER stop writing. That right there is a freakin sign from the heavens. It's a sign that YOU are meant to write. YOU are meant to put pen to paper and suck ass and then put pen to paper and suck ass again. And finally write something so absolutely brilliant, you'll never live it down. Really, you won't. So are you ready?


OMG!! I am so fucking horrible. I know. Trust me, I know. Ok, first, for everyone whose wondering, I'm not dead (you might wish it after my behavior these past...months? but thankfully, I'm not :) ) although I do perhaps deserve a well placed kick in the arse. I've been doing the whole college, freshman year, get a job, do things with your life thing and its been taking a while. I could explain further but its boring and I'm trying not to be that. I've gotten a lot of reviews in my absence (Thank You!! Love You So Very Much) and they've been pushing me towards updating but I have to say that it was seeing something today that really blew me over.

So I was googling my s/n cause...who really cares why (lol), and I find my profile page but beneath it I see my name on a forum. Someone actually quoted me. I was like, holy fucking shit!! Something I said/typed was important enough for someone to put it on another page. Wow. Just wow. Thank You. I'm honored. Deeply. And even more (if that's possible) ashamed for not updating in so long. I was, I'm in, shock on fifty-five different levels. And so this update is for you.

Not that I wouldn't have updated at some point, my absolutely freakin' amazing readers, I'm just doing it right now.

Two stories...maybe three but lets not push it. :D

Ok, so I'm going to get started on that. Y'all stay beautiful now and I'll be back.

Magical Nights,

Ever Your Obedient,


P.S: I have fallen in love...with CSI. I'll get into that at a later date but let's just say its f@king (why the censorship now, I wonder?) AMAZING and Nick Stokes is just too damn hot. Loved the whole Sara/Grissom thing and..I'm going to go now before I stay forever...

Cheers, Kisses, Italian Lovers and Nights in Paris!!

Yours Truly,



Ok so I updated...Yay!! :) And I bought the newest Malory book...looking forward to a weekend of seafaring Malory-ness with Boyd and Katie. What else...um, I will be updating again soon. I'm hungry now so...I shall eat you all...muahahahahhaa. lol.




I'm working on it...it's coming...soon...

Cheers, Love, Kisses and all those beautiful things,



Lol, I'm just incredibly sadistic that's all :)

No, well that isn't really the case... see I started the twelfth chapter to Marriage, when I posted the above but I stopped because I couldn't get it right and it was unbelievably frustrating to know what I wanted to do but not be able to do it. Then I heard a song, (lol its true...)...well first I read this really awesome book and I fell in love with love again and knew I was going to write very soon...then I heard the song and I knew I would listen to it as I wrote. And I did. One night/morning after rereading the book, and while this song was playing, I wrote without pause until I completed the twelfth and was well into the thirteenth. I became possessed with the scene and the vibrations of the song had my heart racing, it was one of the most wonderful things that has happened to me, ever. When I was done I had to walk off all that energy and I paced my room, the entire thing running through my head. It was kind of freaking awesome.

Nehoot, I considered some changes to the story while i wrote and so there's an alternate ending to 12. Darling Georgiana (who will no longer be referred to as George) wouldn't be the innocent that she seemed and Jordan would leave hating himself (and maybe her). Of course that would change the entire story, but it would also interfere with an idea I'm working on... I'm debating this in any case and will get back to ya'll.

By the way, the book(s) was/were Twilight (and the other three plus the premature draft, Midnight Sun) and the song was Jai Ho. Weird, huh?

On that note, cheers loves,


I think i'll post this under Ch12...maybe...


Ok so i updated...yay...I'll try and keep doing that. I keep losing track of the little pieces of this story (the one that's actually been updated) so I'm going to try and tie up some loose ends in the next chapter. Also...um...yeah so my paragraphs need to be smaller... Not really sure how that would look on fp (severely double spaced lines?? hope not.) but hey, i'll try it. And at some point i might go edit the other chapters. That said, thank you so much for still reading in spite of my "horrible-ness." Je vous aimez!! Aaaaalso, :) I met this guy and I'm feeling really romantic so lets get excited! Woot!

Read, review and stay wonderful,




Oh Darlings, I'm so terribly sorry it's been a while. I'm going to try and upload two chapters to Marriage this week (yay!) so look out for that. I've actually been working on another story for a while and have been dealing with college (ugh! being pre-med is so much work!). Thank you all for still reading and reviewing, I know this is taking so long but I actually know where this story is going so that's good right...lol... K, it's late and I have to write up a lab report, so...


XoXo (Yes, I do adore GG)



Lol, so dear ones, I never got to updating in November...I think I had an exam coming up or something...But I have finally updated! And I edited some chapters, to make things a little more dandy in Marriage. Feel free to contact me, for yelling, for praise (that would be really nice), for a general comment. I like hearing from you as much as I hope you enjoy hearing from me. I'll be devoting this month to writing so I hope to fulfill my end of the bargain, at any rate lol. I am writing something else that will probably not go online for a while (very sorry, but I can't put it off). I won't let that get in the way of completing at least Marriage, so never fear! Nehoot, I'm off.

Cheers and kisses!



Yes, darlings, I updated Behind Closed Doors. I can't believe it myself lol but I got a couple of reviews for my older stories in the past week and I decided to do it. It's going to be very Harlequin-ish, if y'all know what I mean. If you don't, google Harlequin Romance or Mills and Boon. Lol, I like those stories for light reading cause they're generally not long and they're kind of refreshing in spite of their unoriginal titles. They have to churn out thousands of these so it makes sense, yes? Lol, nehoot, it's 6.32am!! And I have NOT slept...very sad. So I'll be saying buh-bye and please be kind to my ickle baby, BCD.

Cheers and Sweet Dreams!



So I updated four stories in a row, quite a miracle for me, isn't it? Lol, well please be kind to A.N.S.G.R and T.D.of.M and of course Doors. They were written in a younger time and quite frankly I found myself surprised a lot when I re-read them. But I love them, my little babies. Especially Rogue; I just realized how much I adored James and Victoria in their golden age. And Marriage is updated again! Yay!! I was very glad to be able to do that considering my many other commitments. I'm off to get something to eat, have been resting up from a long day of school shopping yesterday. But it was fruitful so I'm definitely not complaining. On a somber note, my heart goes out to the people of Haiti who are facing tremendous obstacles. Please help in any way you can.

Thank you and cheers,

As always yours,



I cannot believe that of all the things that I could have been called out on, it was my French that had to be questioned. Never fear, I've actually gone back to edit it all. I won't blame the fact that I wrote that chapter before actually taking French (a very stupid thing I suppose) lol but heck I'm glad someone mentioned it. The sad part is, the typo in my last note corroborated this disgraceful accusation. Tis' very sad and I will mourn this day for approximately twenty minutes. Cela devrait ĂȘtre suffisant, non? I suppose I should be glad that I don't have the opportunity to reply my prosecutor; think how nauseatingly mundane that would be. And I suppose I can take comfort in the fact that while my French is abysmal, my English is superb. There we go, a little self praise to get me out of bed.



A more enlightened Starox (I can assure you!)


Hello Darlings!

Ok, so I haven't exactly been updating but I've been busy with college (Dean's List thank you very much lol) and work. Nehoot, I made a blog today and I'd be totally excited if you wonderful, very sexy readers would check it out! The Life and Times of the Duchess: http:///


Still Starox!


Tralalalala... :) If you're wondering where Ch 17 is, well it's being edited. I write this for you guys and I did get a reasonably constructive review so it's back in the workshop. I think I rushed that because it is quite rushed at the end and it got quite messy and I do like these two so I wouldn't want that for them. Either way, I'm trying for later today, so never fear.


Starox :)

P.S: I just added the edited chapter. I think it might need more work but I have to go to the lab now...


I'm on Twitter! And Tumblr! Find Me: Twitter: Etta_King Tumblr: etta-king dot tumblr dot com

Hint: It'll make me happy and I'll feel all update-y lol

Cheers loves!



Okay, so I'm sure you're really looking forward to updates but I've had to concentrate on my book (remember that poll?). The Life and Times of Elizabeth and the Duchess is now available...well everywhere! On B&N, Amazon and CreateSpace. But all that can be found on my website: http:/// (which is also my homepage). I'd love my readers here to take a look, cause it's not FictionPress anymore and I'm a newbie out there. Seriously, I'd really appreciate it. Lots of love! (And I'll even throw in updates lol).

Forever your very faithful!

Starox (AKA Etta King)

That's EttaKingDotCom (no spaces).



This is a rather random note but I think it must be said. I just re-read the last chapter of Marriage and found myself sorely disappointed. Too many things were off and it just smacked of carelessness. You guys don't deserve that. So I'll work on improving that...and giving those chapters I promised. Damn...reading that was quite irritating; I can't imagine what I was thinking (probably that I had to get to my lab...oh well...).

Ever yours,


A/N: I just realized I'd said this before "I think it might need more work but I have to go to the lab now..." Small comfort though it is, at least it means I KNEW something was off when I posted it. No excuse, of course. I should just have waited until it was ready... But if I don't know when I'm off, I might as well just stop writing...{*shudder*}


I think I'll have to write tomorrow. Something good, I owe it to you all. :)


It's been a while...I have a few new stories...and they're much more mature than I expected. I apologize for the long wait, but I actually lost access to my account (lost my password and all that), and have been trying to get my password reset with FP for a few *years*! Anyway, I'm back on here, and have a few delicious one-shots to share.



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