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Looking back I thought I really need to fix this stupid thing. I talked a lot crap when I first wrote this. My name is Becky (I hate that name so please dont call me that). My friends call me Sora, Humbug, Caun( this is because I am Irish) or they just use the letter COTD.

My hobbies include: Listening to Green day, Watching Harry Potter, Reading a book while hanging upside down, bowling and my champion sport, playing air hockey.

My favouirte bands and songs are: Green day(Minority, American Idiot, Warning, Nice guys finish last, Jesus of suburbia and Saint Jimmy), All American Rejects (Dirty little secret.), Bon Jovi (Have a nice day, its my life, living on a prayer and Lay your hands on me) and Aerosmith (Dude looks like a lady, dont wanna miss a thing andWalkt his way)

My favourite movies are: Harry Potter, Chronicles of Riddick, Chronicles of Narnia, Love actually, Lord of the Ring, Riding in Vans with Boys (this is actually a documentary but who cares.)

My stories are mostly either Horror/Romance or Humour/Romance. The one I am working on now is a Horror/Romance, which will be followed by its sequel.

So hope you enjoy.


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