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Name: Teresa

Age: 17

Sport: Crew (rowing, you know, like on boats)

Grade: 11th

Life: I love to read! What else is there to say? I am very good at writing the middle of stories, but I have trouble starting them. I try to say what I think but it is hard sometimes.

I love my friends but I don't have a group, well, mabey I have a group.

I have no idea where I want to go to college so don't ask.

The winter depresses me but because I live in Ohio it is a fact I have to deal with.

I love history.

I am always cold.

I love to dance and sing, both of which I do a lot, very badley.

I am more than a little sarcastic.

If I could date one historical figure it wold be Alexander Hamilton. He's dead sexy.

I love most music. I have too many favorite bands to list here, but I might try when I am board enough.

Another thing, I can't spell. I wish I could. With how much I read you would think that I would be able to but I can't, so deal with it.

As you can tell from my pen name I love reading romances and I don't like to read books without any. (Unless of course I have to read for school.)

I am going to try and write more but I really prefer to read. If you have any questions or want to chat message me.


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