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Hey everybody!

I have been writing stories and poetry for at least a year. Currently, I am working on songs for a friend's band and am in the process of writing a novel titled dance dreams. My poetry is generally depressing, but sometimes romantic. ENJOY!

I am, in case some of you haven't noticed a major fan of Britney Spears! lol


Some other musical artists I enjoy to listen to include: Evanescence, Kelly Clarkson, Christina Aguilera, JoJo, 50 Cent, Justin TImberlake, Drowning Pool (I danced to Step Up andadored it, but that is the only song I know), Ashlee Simpson, and many more! I have a funky taste in music, as it ranges from dance music to heavy metal, to rock, to soul, and so on. But I adore music pretty much in any state, even classical is nice!

Sports/Athletics I am ivolved in... Not many, I dance and I took a class! I loved it. So complicated but, intriguing (spelling?)!

Personality: I am a bubbly person! Even when "depressed" I am smiling, which has become an inside joke with a friend of mine. I love to laugh and I am kind of energetic. *Bounces around room* *Gets yelled at* *blushes* (I am not sure if the astericks show up, but if not, they are around the last three phrases).

I am going to try and update some new stuff every Friday or Saturday so I can get some reviews!

I support fiftythousandtearsicry and suggest this poet if you are looking for deep and meaningful songs. She is a very talented writer!

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