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04-10-02: The story I just posted is actually an old one that I meant to put on my homepage, but never did. I think it's the strongest of my Persona stories, so up it goes. I'm halfway done with Petunia's Peculiar Week (like that title? I don't), so hopefully it'll be up before summer... =P

03-25-02: Took a cue from rabbit and made all my favorite Harry Potter stories into a reveiwable list! From now on, all of my Harry Potter favorites will be going into that file rather than onto 's "Favorite Stories" feature - I'll be using that for my favorites from other fandoms. Confused? Well, so am I, but at least I have working lists of ALL my favorite stories, not just fifteen.

About Me Section - All Ego, All The Time!
Kocchi = Kodachi Kuno from "Ranma 1/2"
Highwind = Cid Highwind from "Final Fantasy VII"
Me = Total geekdom

I'm also known as Edea Highwind, or just Anna. I love video games, anime, MST3k, David Lynch, the '80s, stand-up comedy, and the odd fantasy series...very odd. *rim shot* I'm also a shameless television junkie, because I had the vast misfortune to be born in a time when shows like "All In The Family" and "Cheers" had already passed into TV heaven, leaving me with not only the classics, but the new classics like "Seinfeld" and "Red Dwarf" to watch! I have a lot of catching up to do, as do we all. ...As do we all...

Good fanfiction, in my opinion, fills in the blanks left by static pieces of entertainment. It extends the story and lights dark corners without causing massive rifts in the space-time continuum of the fandom. It provides insight or entertainment, or both. And, most importantly, it continues where the original author so rudely left us dangling, not unlike Steven Spielberg's (ne Stanley Kubrick's) "A.I." Anyway, I hope you enjoy my stories. If not, please let me know what I did wrong. I can take it. I'm from Wisconsin.

So long, and thanks for reading!

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