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Update: 7/6/06:

Hi there. Just wanted to let you know that I have not been very active in case any of you asked for an email, asI saw one reviewer do. I have not forgotten to email, or am being rude, but simply have not been on in a good long while. Thanks :)

Time to update. My name is Enjolras, I am a student at a University and very much a consevative republican. But unilke the others of my party, I am not spineless andwill not back down to debating my beliefs. I can be a bit sarcastic in my responses. Stick with me. I'm truly a nice person, so everyone says, but just very passionate on this subject. Know that it's not a personal affront on you in particular, just irritation on my part and a quick tongue that is usually held elsewhere. You may be just as quick on me if you wish. All is excepted except putting words in my mouth.

God bless American


P.S. Saying this just b/c I'm tried of being called a boy, but I suppose with my penname I should have expected as much. Oh well... This is a news flash to all of you people, please stop calling me 'sexist' when I talk about women staying pure before marriage. I'm a woman. I keep myself pure. I'm allowed to my oppinion. Ya know, if you want to die early of various deseases, be my guest, but I'm allowed my oppinion. Thanks very much.

PLEASE READ!!!!!!! : I have been accused of being a gay hater and one who promotes hate crimes and I am nothing of the sort! Thank you so very much. I strive to never hate anyone and I would never hate someone because of race, creed, sexual preference, etc... Ever. Got it? Good. Please stop putting words in my mouth. I have enough you can complain about. Stick to that, if you please.

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