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Hello my namesth kip. Im 34 yearsth old and currently going under training to be come a ghetto white boy with my wife lafowndah. To show how much my love means (begins to get teary eyed) i decsthided to write thesthe love poems to show my love to my love. Peacthe out man.

Basics about me

Im not gay, even though i have a lispth, lafowndah calls it a manly lispth so back off before Pedro cousins come in town and im working on my own guns because im training to be a serious cage fighter. Hold on, im loggin into a chat room...~4 hours later~ sorry it took me so long, but i had to feed tina.

You probably think im weird but your just jealous becuz ive been talkin to hot babes all day long..sry lafowndah. i still love you always and forever. Peacthe out.

Please read and review all my poems. Peacthe out.

OOO my goodthness i justhe cant belive on how stupid I am...i spelled my own wifthes name wrong...im justhe a flippin idiot! well gotta get a new pen name before Lafownduh crythes ne more...im soo sorry babe pleasthe forgive me

Well the good knewsth is...is that my forgiving wife...has forgave me...THANK YOU BABE! But the bad knewsth is...is that I havent kept up with my poemsth...im so sorry. I've just been busy with everthing. My grandma is recovering from her second sand dune ingury (sry if I didnt spell that right...u should know by now that I'm not a good speller) So...I've been busy with her. And my training is unbearable...You know..training to become getto isnt easy. Its harder than it looksth. But I am almost done with my training to become a cage fighter. I am much more buff that what u saw on my Autobiograhy aka "Napleon Dynomite" I gained 2 pounds of raw muscalsls..grr. Well im am gonnaput mypoems on tomorrow i promisthe! Peacthe out!

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