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~I have been updating my stories. As in deleting all the chapters from the stories which I feel I could do better on and starting from the beginning. There will possibly be a change in plot for most of these, but the 1st chapter for most will remain the same with revised grammar. Thanks for reading everyone!!

I never know where my stories go to. I just go with the flow. Going against the flow islike trying to climb a mountain that keeps on getting taller. My inspiration comes from nothing... it pops out of the air like how I get high.

Thanks for taking time to read this and of course for also reading my poems and stories...if you even get to that. Please R&R so I would know how I can make them better.

Constructive criticism is especially appreciated :D

Current Stories (Editing/Rewriting): A Neverending Sleep, (possibly, but I actually have to revamp the plot or anything so don't hold your breath) Cursed

Possible New Stories: Walker of the Night (I'll post the prologue for your reading pleasure. lolz), Even Angels Fall (maybe/maybe not) and random short stories

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